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As an enterprise software developer I frequently visit conferences like the Microsoft Dev Days, the VSLive! and the DevConnections. The last few times, a lot of sessions were dedicated to Windows Phone 7 development.

From N97 To Omnia7 I really wanted to get my hands dirty and start developing, so when my Nokia 97 passed over to the other side, I decided to replace it by a Windows 7 Phone: The Samsung Omnia7.

Why the Samsung Omnia 7? It had the best specs of Windows 7 phones available in the Netherlands at that time. Luckily for me it lives up to its promise :)

Although the first version of the Windows Phone 7 OS misses a lot of basic features such as being able to install a custom ringtone, the phone is running more stable than the Nokia N97 Symbian phone.
I do have to note here that Vodafone versions of the Symbian OS updates with bugfixes were always a few months late, so that also didn't really increase user experience as well.

I always used to have Noka Phones (Nokia 5110, 3210, 3310, 8120, 6310, 6310i, 6820) (ok, ok... I've tried Sony Ericsson once) because I think the hardware quality is great. So I was happily surprised to hear that Nokia is about to replace the Symbian OS by Windows 7 phone OS. Big chance that my next phone will be a Nokia again!

Anyway... I got myself a Dev Hub account and I started experimenting. While experimenting I really became aware of all the possibilities there are, and I wanted to do more.
Although I think Windows Phone 7 development will have the main focus, I didn't want to narrow the scope to just Windows 7 Phone, although I'm not sure what other things will arise. Time will tell :)